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Introduce your Child to Theatre

Posted : January 8, 2020

The theatre is an age old pastime which has been enjoyed by countless people of all ages and cultures, making it a perfect family outing! Of course, some productions aren’t suitable for younger ones, but there might be more choice than you think as there are plenty of shows – both locally and in the West End of London that will keep a whole family entertained throughout the whole performance.

There are so many ways of teaching children about theatre and getting them excited about watching a show that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try it!

Introduce your Kids to Famous Theatre Stories

Lots of theatre shows are based on well-known stories with Disney among the popular family options. If your children are young, you could read them the book or let them watch the film of a story you know is a theatre production too. This will help them get used to slightly longer stories, particularly if you highlight the funny bits with lots of movement and giggling. They might be so enthralled that they’re begging you to watch the film and then the theatre show!

Current big production options include The Lion King, Matilda, Aladdin and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you think they might be a little long for your children, you could start with shorter performances from well-known and loved characters. Peppa Pig does a show that tours round local theatres and changes around every 18 months or so. Thomas the Tank Engine does a similar one while CBeebies characters and presenters regularly pop up with new shows made specifically for pre-school children. You could get your little one a relevant book or DVD before your visit to help get them excited ahead of their theatre trip.

Dress the Part

Another great way to introduce children to theatre is to let them get dressed up and watch or listen to any performance they want to put on for you. There are so many dressing up outfits and accessories available that they will be spoilt for choice! But, once they have a selection they love, they will no doubt delight in doing little shows for you at home.

If this is the case and your little one’s like the sound of going to the theatre to watch a performance put on by actors and their favourite characters, then you can always let them attend in the appropriate dress-up outfit! Or, if they don’t want to do that, or you’d prefer they didn’t, you could try encouraging them to choose a special theatre-going outfit. It can be a pretty dress or smart shirt teamed with a new pair of socks or shoes. This can help make your children feel special and extra excited about their impending trip to the theatre. Remember, even small local theatres can seem large and wondrous to little ones so share in the joy with them and they’re sure to become fans for life!

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