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Our Mission

We’ve got plans. Will you join us?
There’s more to Bachchay than books, clothes and other children’s items… much more.

When the idea of Bachchay was first conceived, one of the things we discussed the most, was ‘what would our guiding principles be?’ Apart from becoming the best children’s e-tailer in the world, what else did we want to ultimately become.

This page outlines our mission for the future, and we hope that it will involve you.

Sometimes the simplest way to get a message across is to break it down into words that can stand alone. So here goes:                                                    

  • Trust
  • Information
  • Choice
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Ideas
  • Ease
  • Sharing
  • Education                                        

We have more, but we like to think that these words form the very core of our business. We believe that they paint a clear and colourful picture of how we want to present ourselves to the world.

Whether you’re a buyer, supplier, partner or associate, we value your contribution and want to find ways to help everyone prosper. And naturally, we place children at the heart of this philosophy.

Even with our suppliers, we’ve taken the decision to charge very small commissions. In fact, as far as we know, they are the lowest in the industry.

As a parent, we want to hear your views, opinions, recommendations… we want you to feel free to write comments, posts and even articles that you think would be useful to other parents. We also encourage you to tell us what’s important to you and to suggest new products for us to showcase.

In five years from now we want to be the most respected ‘go-to’ website for all things kids, regardless of whether someone is looking to make a purchase or not. We want to be a hub of information for those making decisions on how to raise a child.

Don’t just use Bachchay, become part of it.

We look forward to serving you in every way possible.